Ned Richardson/ e.p. richardson
1073 Salaki Road
Moretown, VT 05660, US
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RRUN – 0110 OR 1001
Studio Place Arts
Barre, Vermont
January 25 – March 5 2022

UNTITLED [recent work]
The Front, Montpelier VT
January 8 - 31 2021

Center for Arts and Learning, Montpelier, VT

Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre, Paris, FR
March 8 2011- March 12 2011


GROUP SHOW 2022-2023
Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre, Paris, FR
December 8 2022 – February 25 2023

Works on paper in the Quick Change Gallery:
Studio Place Arts, Barre VT
August 12 - October 3 2020

Group show at Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT
part of “Vermont’s 2020 Vision: Seeing the World through Technology”
March - June 2020

Group show at Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris FR
February 2020

Group show by Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre at Bienvenue Art Fair
Cité des Arts, Paris, FR October 2019
May- June 2019

Show 53, 54 The Front Montpelier, VT 2023
Shows 47-52 The Front Montpelier, VT 2022
Shows 40-46 The Front Montpelier, VT 2021
Shows 38-39 The Front Montpelier, VT 2020
Shows 29-37 The Front Montpelier, VT 2019
Shows 26-29 The Front Montpelier, VT 2018

Multiples et Petits Formats; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2016
Waiting for Carnival; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2016
Turtle; Memorial for Michael Shamberg; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2015
Waiting for Carnival; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2015
AutoPortrait; Portrait d’artiste; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2015
POEM; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2012
Alice in Wonderland; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2011
Turtle : Turtle for Rob Gretton; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre 2011
Turtle : Düsseldorf; nüans 2007
Turtle, an anarchic salon; Chelsea Space, London UK 2006
The same work (text pieces, small drawings) was included in other "turtle salons" which took
place in various spaces across the UK and Europe.
MPG Contemporary, Boston 2002, 2004 “back wall”
Alley Culture Detroit, 1999 - part of group show “Canvas” memorial for Ann Mikolowski

Residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT May 2022
Vermont Artists Week Residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT April 2019


Born Boston, MA, US 1959

BA in Creative Writing Residential College, University of Michigan circa 1982; Studied at Art Students League, NYC (1991) and various continuing education programs for drawing and painting techniques since then. Self taught: Image Magick and Photoshop digital image creation and manipulation, open source shell scripting. Online courses in Python and Creative Applications of Deep Learning (2018).

My work is not in any one tradition. Influences range from the conceptual art of Lawrence Weiner and poems and objects of Carl Andre to the comic art of George Herriman, cellular automata, and beyond. In Boston around 2000 I learned the Mische oil and egg tempera painting technique which led to a brief foray into miniature landscape painting. The US invasion of Iraq shifted my focus to text based drawings as well as digital and video explorations. I used open source image software (GIMP) until some illustration work pushed me inevitably into Photoshop.

A background in stage carpentry and lighting led to my strong connection with the work of Samuel Beckett. Beckett is an ongoing influence and informs the name lightblack, an LLC I created initially for video and film co-productions with the late Michael H. Shamberg. lightblack ceased being an active production company with Michael's illness though we continued to collaborate as his health allowed, up until the time of his death in 2014. During that time I was very involved in his care. lightblack continues as a container for my own efforts.

I moved to Vermont with my family in 2013, and we live surrounded by forest. Around 2017 I began to see the forest as a network, an idea borne out by subsequent reading. It occurred to me that since the forest/network is often considered a landscape, digital and technological networks might be considered a landscape as well. I decided to try to see these landscapes as one. In 2018 I managed to learn enough Python to tinker with source code for a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) which I found on Github. GAN generated images, using training sets assembled from my own work and photos, have been the basis for much of my work since then.

Coincidental with the recent emergence of text to image generators such as DALL-E I have become focused less on image generation, and more on sequencing images and the possibilities for narration, code, and multidimensional structures. The large image generators such as DALL-E translate complete words into complete pictures. I am interested in interactions with ‘the machine’ at a more cellular level.

Since 2018 I have been a member of the Front Gallery in Montpelier, Vermont.