What the machines told me/' rrun'/ 0110 or 1001
Notes and supplemantary materials

Printed matter for exhibition "What the machines told me/ 'rrun'/ 0110 of 1001"
at Studio Place Arts, Barre VT January 2022.
The show included other related works, which are referenced in the materials.Pdf format.

Images from the show can be found here. I had some difficulty distinguishing between the show title and the title of the piece, and decided to merge them.
Notes re source code:
I explored a number of GAN implementations on GitHub, relying mostly on dcgan_vae_pytorch, as well as SRGAN (Super resolution GAN) to scale the images up from 256px square to 2048px square.

My laptop could ultimately process images up to 128px square, some of which are in the piece, but for 256px images I had to rely on AWS servers. As is mentioned in the printed matter, the small training set and disparate type of images required usually thousands of iterations, and the process inevitably collapsed - it was a matter of how soon, and whether or not it produced anything interesting along the way.