Ned Richardson aka E.P.Richardson

Born 1959, Boston MA, US

Now residing Vermont, US

BA in Creative Writing Residential College, University of Michigan circa 1982.
Studied at Art Student's League, NYC (1991) and various continuing education programs for drawing and painting techniques.

Self taught: open source (image magick) and photoshop digital image creation/manipulation, digital music basics, web basics, some shell scripting.

Early background in stage carpentry and lighting led to a strong connection with Samuel Beckett who is an ongoing influence and informs the name lightblack - a platform originally built for video and film co-productions with the late Michael H. Shamberg, as well as these individual art/efforts.

Influences too numerous to mention, but near the foundation are Beckett, Chris Marker, George Harriman (Krazy Kat) to which I will add, provisionally, cellular automata.

Abstract, representational, text, object, conceptual (with object).

I am drawn to the intersections of things, particularly where one system of understanding or interpretation fails, and another hasn't yet taken hold, or doesn't exist.

Exhibited MPG Contemporary, Boston; Turtle; an anarchic salon, Chelsea Space, London, and elsewhere across Europe and the UK; Galerie Arnaud LeFebvre, Paris. Member of the Front co-operative gallery, Montpelier, VT since June 2018.

Published Alternative Press, Ann Arbor, MI
Museum of Conemporary Art Detroit "Detroit Stories"