Partially constructed archive/project list

name description url notes
Empty Rooms with Casual Sounds web installation - not working, needs to be updated

Idea by Julian Mereuta with Eiji Suzue, Ned Richardson, Malin Ståhl, Stanton Miranda, Kim Schoenstadt.

Audio Suite for POM web installation for PO(M) show Galérie Arnaud Lefebvre
- not working, needs to be updated

3x3 mixer for text audio
blythe dahl music with stanton miranda electronic, no vocals.
light-black-com website
splash page for production entity.
p.s. beirut film by Michael H Shamberg, vimeo co-produced by lightblack, LLC
temptation of victoria music video by Michael H Shamberg, discogs produced by lightblack, LLC
SOUVENIR feature film by Michael H Shamberg, imdb completion and release by lightblack, LLC
turtle, an anarchic salon concept/art project of Michal H Shamberg I was very close to Michael and the idea of turtle. Contributed work & general support.